Friday, 2 November 2012

Time To Love

[Boy & Girl]: Can't stop we don't stop.
                     Yeah you know we don't stop. 

[Boy]: I just want you back.

[Girl]: Good person, you're the first to love me. 
          The person who taught me to love.
          Never forget you, I remember you.
          I'll remember only you~

          Perhaps I might see you,
          So I wore the clothes you bought me.
          I care my hair long, the way you like it.
          To walk the road I walked with you,
          I went round the long way
          Thinking maybe you'd be there.
          I still have the same number phone,
          My house is still the same,
          In case you come and find me.
          In my mini hompy I have the songs we listened together.
          Thinking maybe you'll look 
          and you'll come back again.

[Boy]: We still haven't forgotten
          We still want each other
          We're still in love


[Boy]: Honestly I miss you
           I miss you like crazy

[Girl]: I'll wait for you no matter what

[Boy]: I'll wait for you till the end

[Girl]: I stop and wonder if you'll come back to me.

[Boy]: Because I might see you
          I might get weak on that road
          Because my heart might become weak
          I might reveal my worn out self
          In order to ignore the road we walked together
          I take the long way
          Because you might be there.
          I already changed my phone number
          Because I might think of you I moved house, too
          BUT my mouth keeps spilling words I shouldn't say
          Maybe because I might see you
          Because you might come back

[Girl]: I'll begin again
          I want to say to you
         That even if we could never see each other again
         I'm still holding on to you

[Boy]: As the rain pours down
          The memories of our first meeting come
          I feel so pathetic
          You still have a place in my heart
          Do I have the courage to resist you?
          Even so, I'll endure it a little more
[Girl]: My love for you is so strong

[Boy]: I tried my best but it's impossible
[Girl]: Maybe you'll see by coincidence 
         And maybe you'll see me
         I wipe my tears while looking at myself in the mirror
         Hoping maybe you'll come back
P/S: For you :'(