Thursday, 27 October 2011

For peoples in my life...

To my fellow friends who will sit for SPM examination, I just want to say...
* Good luck for becoming SPM.
* Take care of yourself.
* Do your BEST.
* Always bring your motivation ( hanya sesetengah saja yang tahu )
* No-disturbance of mind.
* No-crying for meaningless things. 
* Please makes sure your food is enough.
* Pray to Allah.

To my ehem ehem, I just wanna say...
* Good luck too for becoming SPM.
* Take care of yourself.
* Forgive all my faults.
* Do your BEST.
* I love you with all my heart.
* I'll try to be a good girl.

That's all. Kbye! :3

Friday, 21 October 2011

Please, I want the old you...

You got your share of secrets

And I'm tired of being last to know...

Do you know how I feel my dear? Do you feel it? How do you feel when someone you love most, making something at your back and you did not know about it? I hope you understand....

I have been giving a chance, and all you do is let me down. You told me that you love me, but you let me down. Why you need to hide it? Why you need to don't let me know? WHY?? Did you know that, I still remember about it. And never stop thinking of it. I'm sorry if I lied to you that I'd forgot about it. 

I'm tired of listening your ''just let me go, I'm not too perfect for you'' sentence when you did wrong. Nahh! Hate it so much! You know why I hate it? Because I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHH! I don't want to let you go even though you let me down like this. Please, stop saying that kind of annoying word. When you said that sentence, I felt like you don't need me anymore. You don't want me again. So sad. I only managed to destroy my ego and tried to make you stop saying the sentence. I only can say that I love you. 

I have no idea why you ignore me more and more. All that I felt was, you not like the old you. The old you always made me happy. Always there for me when I needed. Always sang for me before I went to sleep. Always made me laugh. Always shared THE SECRETS. Always told me that you love me much. Always told me that you miss me. WHY?? I always read about boy. How a boy love his girl so much. What kind of the signs. And all the signs are THE OLD YOU. Not the new you. 

And now, I'm not using our FB. I've making my own new FB. FRUSTRATED! All I wanted was, he will add me and request a relationship there. I'm tired of keep remembering him about it. Starting from now, I just observe what will he does to me. Whether he loves me or not. It's all up to him. Thanks for loving me my dear. 

Please, I want the old you. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Action SPEAKS louder than words, please?

Action speaks louder than words, please? Don't just said it, I want you to DO it. I'm begging you. Jangan seperti 'cakap tak serupa bikin'. Aku betol-betol sengal bila jumpa orang sebegini rupa. Buat salah yang teramat berat kesalahannya, then, rilek-rilek je minta maaf. Like nothing happened. Like there's no offenses and no offender. Wehh, aku nak ACTION,  not just a sorry word. Buatlah betol-betol yang ko tengah 'minta maaf'. Tunduk bila jumpa aku ke, buat baik dengan aku ke, tidak mengulanginya ke, haa. Baru aku ada berkenan. Ini tak, dah minta maaf, cot cot buat lagi. Bukan setakat 'buat lagi', malah lebih teruk dari dulu. Memang sengal lahh. Manusia, manusia~